Ultraviolet Spy Pen

by edwin - on February 3rd, 2009

You’ve got to be really juvenile to bring this to the office, writing gossip on pieces of paper to pass to your colleagues. This written gossip, however, cannot be read unless you have the Spy Pen – it uses ink made of special high-brightness compounds that are invisible to the naked eye, but will appear whenever they are exposed to ultraviolet light. Definitely not the thing to bring if you happen to work in a bank or at a currency exchange office, since the person whom you are actually badmouthing? He/she could simply place it under the UV lamp used to check for false bank notes and you’re done for, gaining another enemy at the workplace. $9.99 is the asking price for the Ultraviolet Spy Pen, and we believe this is better off writing secret love messages for your other half this Valentine’s.

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