The Temporarily Tough Tattoos

by ally - on February 4th, 2009

If you’re wanting to look super tough for your friends, yet scream like a girl at the sight of a needle, you might want to pick these tattoos up.  They’re temporary and therefore you won’t have any of the pain.  It also means you won’t have “Gold Diga” tattooed on your knuckles when you’re 75 years old.  The tattoos have several different types.  Each page has a theme, there’s “riff raff” and “This Hurt” for the thugs in training.  Then there is also “G33K L1f3” as well as strips meant for the ladies.  These are made by Fred Friends and they aren’t out just yet.  However, I’m sure you’ll see them on Perpetual Kid, since that’s where a lot of Fred products end up.

Source: FashionablyGeek

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