The Hello Kitty Stylus for your DS Lite

by ally - on February 1st, 2009

If your DS Lite is bright pink and with a Hello Kitty decal featured on the front, you’ll love this stylus.  The terrifyingly pink DS accessory will leave you feeling plenty feminine.  I’m not sure why Hello Kitty has to take over absolutely every aspect of  the world.  I’m fairly sure that they are indeed trying to take over the world.  Just wait, next they’ll sink part of the US, just to make it in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head.  You can purchase the stylus, which comes in two different styles, on Strapya World.  Any of the different styles or colors are all priced at $22.22.

Source: Gadgenista

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  1. xxxxxx says:

    so expensive. why dont you go eat crap.

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