The Frankie Table Lamp might scare off guests

by ally - on February 25th, 2009

A Brazillian designer, Fernando Akasaka, came up with this strange light.  One thing is for sure, guests won’t be able to overlook this skull with bright blue eyes.  The light shines straight through his eye sockets, which might make lighting a bit awkward.  The light will end up shining upwards from the looks of things.  I suppose you could spotlight something on the wall, that is if you choose the stronger bulbs.  You get to choose the wattage power and if you want to use colored LED bulbs or halogen bulbs.  If you chose low wattage, then the skull would just work as a soft glow.  You can also choose between silver plated, polished nickel, gold plating or polished bronze.  The designer was inspired to make this from super-hero stories and novels.  Unfortunately you have to contact for pricing information, which typically means it’s going to be a bit expensive.

Source: CoolHunting

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