The Betseyville Call Me Purse looks cheap yet is not

by ally - on February 8th, 2009

Here’s another example of fashion attempting to blend with technology.  The phone portion of the bag holds absolutely no purpose.  It’s just meant to hang on the bag as a handle.  I’m all for incorporating technology into fashion, my favorite item to be used are typically records (I love the retro appeal). Yet, this purse that features bright pink animal print and a rotary phone just looks cheap.  Which is a little bit funny, since this bag is anything but cheap.  You can purchase the Betseyville Call Me Purse for $68 on Fredflare.

Source: ChipChick

One thought on “The Betseyville Call Me Purse looks cheap yet is not”

  1. Patti says:

    And it only has 8 numbers on the dial.

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