Sounds Lives Stereo Earphone

by edwin - on February 13th, 2009

Want a pair of earphones that doesn’t work the conventional way? Perhaps you’re looking for the Sounds Lives Stereo Earphone, where it stops right in front of your ears when worn so that the entrance of your ear canal will not experience any pressure, letting you hear the surrounding noise of your immediate environment as well. This is not too discreet though if you are trying to catch your co-workers stab you verbally in the back, as they are certainly not dumb enough to notice you can hear what’s going on as well. Not to mention, with its 90 degree flexibility, chances are you might irk off those around you who have to tune in to your entire Britney Spears catalog of songs in the process. If you insist on bringing the Sounds Lives Stereo Earphone home, then do fork out $24.50 for it.

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