Pink Garden Kit

by edwin - on February 9th, 2009

You know, where gardening is concerned, most of us tend to get our hands dirty along with the tools used. This leads us to wonder who on earth would want to pick up this Pink Garden Kit, unless you have a serious obsession with the color? Aren’t pink products supposed to look pretty and be paraded for all and sundry to see? It is somewhat akin to getting your nails done and then using them to dig a hole in the garden instead of a spade. Still, if you’re adamant on bringing this Pink Garden Kit home, £24.95 will net you the following :-

  • Trug with stowable handle
  • Soft touch kneeling mat
  • Dibber
  • Stainless steel fork and trowel with soft grip handle
  • Plant labels
  • Easy grip pruning shears
  • Heavy suede gloves
  • Lightweight non-slip cotton gloves
  • Gardening twine
  • Après gardening hand cream

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