Micro Speaker Keychain

by edwin - on February 16th, 2009

We’re not too sure why such things exist, but perhaps in the great scheme of things, there is a reason beyond our comprehension. The Micro Speaker Keychain won’t bring the house down at your next frat party, and the tiny sound that pumps out from it would not do any song justice even if that group has not picked up a Grammy or any other accolades to date. It does work with just about any 3.5mm audio jack though, making a whole load of devices fall under this category though but we’re not sure if you want to treat your cell phone or iPod to the indignity of being connected to the Micro Speaker Keychain. Perhaps only those who spend most of their times in libraries might want to fork out £9.95 for this, but a pair of earphones would make for a much better idea.

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