Gummy Anatomical Heart

by edwin - on February 4th, 2009

Is your other half the squeamish sort? If that’s the case, we’d strongly recommend against you getting her the Gummy Anatomical Heart from ThinkGeek. While it might retain the flavor of your regular gummy candy, coming in the form of a heart? That’s utterly gross, and you might even pour some red syrup all over to make the entire thing look more authentic. You won’t gain any special powers or anything from chomping down the entire thing unlike what ancient cultures believed, but all you’ll get is a higher chance of a toothache in the later years if this sweet-tooth habit keeps on going. Would you fork out $4.99 for such a huge piece of candy? We say it is best shared around the tribe…

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  1. F. says:

    Gross? You know what the gelatin in there is made of? Beside cow skin and pig bones, it may also include connective tissue from various animal organs. Talk about authentic…

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