Crazy Wrestler for dogs

by edwin - on February 10th, 2009

Do you happen to own an extremely frisky dog? Well, if walking it in the mornings and evenings for miles still isn’t enough to help it get rid of its excess energy, then it could be time for you to call upon the Crazy Wrestler toy. This battle-tested toy will spout out a whole bunch of challenges whenever your dog touches it, including “I’m gonna stick you in a Boston Crab!” or “You’ll never get my belt little doggy.” Granted, your four-legged friend will never be able to understand those words and its meaning, but it ought to pique the interest of Lassie to shut the Wrestler up by biting into him. Measuring 12″ from arm to arm and 5″ from head to toe, this five time champion of the World Dog Wrestling Association can be yours for $12.95.

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