Chalk Mug helps you leave notes

by edwin - on February 12th, 2009

Do you tend to leave Post-Its on your coffee mug every morning to remind you to carry out important tasks for the day? I think that is certainly a much better idea compared to the Chalk Mug that you see here – apparently it comes glazed with a chalk board surface that lets you leave messages of your choice that can be erased easily. Sound fine and all, until you realize that there is a very high chance of chalk dust ending up in your drink, and that doesn’t sound too palatable at all. Imagine, cafe latte with chalk toppings? How about hot chocolate with chalk marshmallows? Post-It notes still rule in my book, or at least make a mug with a whiteboard surface that uses ink instead. The Chalk Mug retails for £4.99 each.

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