USB Mr and Mrs Perfect will cause ego

by ally - on January 1st, 2009

Seriously, if you put a picture of your significant other into a picture frame called either Mr or Mrs Perfect, then it’s going to cause their ego to grow to uncontrollable levels.  Then next time they do something to annoy you, they’re just going to point out that you’re the one that thought they were perfect.  Not only that, you’ll have a picture frame on your desk that not only looks creepy, but it talks to you too.  It doesn’t say sweet messages from your spouse, no it has some of its own.  You can set it to either Nice or Cheeky, which according to the seller means nice will say sweet messages and cheeky says saucy things.  They are both USB powered and have 4ft of cable.  To pick one up it will cost you £12.99 or about $19.

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