The Wake Up Alarm Clock shaped like a phone

by ally - on January 22nd, 2009

If you have a tendency to wake up groggy and slightly confused, this alarm clock definitely won’t help.  You’ll start confusing the real phone for your alarm clock.  It’s actually designed for those that enjoy those wake up calls they get when staying at a hotel.  To get the ringing to stop just pick up the phone.  At which point a recording will play through the receiver saying “Good morning this is your wake up call!”.  It also has a button you can hit so that they’ll call back in 5 minutes.  Typically people take with them things that will make them feel at home while they’re away.  It’s a bit backwards to take home things that make you feel like you’re not.  I suppose it might help put those at ease that have issues staying in one place for long.  You can pick the Wake Up Alarm Clock up for $19.99 on Office Play.

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