The super fashionable MP3 Player Belt Buckle

by ally - on January 18th, 2009

This just in, scientists have developed a cowboy geek ManBearPig. Alright, so the ManBearPig part might be taking things a bit too far. Yet someone did create a massive belt buckle with an MP3 player built into it. That’s almost the same thing. This was done by SparkFun Electronic’s mechanical engineer Casey. Who for some odd reason thought this was a good idea. If nothing else, he’s succeeded in creating at least a small buzz. What really cracks me up about the design is that he just has the belt buckle attached to his regular belt. He isn’t using it to actually fasten the belt. If you look off to the left of the picture you can see the regular buckle. I wonder if he knows belt buckles are meant to buckle. It’s bad enough that they have the audacity to call the belt buckle sweet. I bet Casey will get all the ladies with that thing attached to his waist. They were nice enough to post how to make this, so you can check out the tutorial on their site.

Source: Technabob

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