The Smiling Face USB Hub is way too happy

by ally - on January 8th, 2009

Have you ever been in a sour mood and hated anything and everything that is overly perky?  Although I’m an easy going person, should I get in one of those moods I would be highly tempted to break anything that is smiling as much as this USB hub.  Of course then if I did, I’d probably end up feeling far better.  So maybe this USB hub isn’t so ridiculous after all, as long as they’re cheap, it could be deemed therapeutic to snap a couple in two.  Then again, this USB hub’s smiling perky face can be replaced with a whole new one, by popping in a picture of your choice.  It has a data transfer rate of 480mbps and features a rotating head.  You can purchase him for $14 on Gadget4all.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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