The Roswell Alien Plaque

by ally - on January 12th, 2009

This would be perfect for your favorite youngster’s bedroom.  You should make it a real surprise and hang it up at night.  Then if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night, they can have the job of discovering it themselves.  Nothing warms the heart more than an alien trapped midway through a wall.  Poor alien had a tragic teleportation incident.  He just needs a little love and I’m sure that’s exactly what your child would give them if they saw this in the middle of the night.  Actually, on second thought, if they’re a baseball fan, you’d better hide their bat.  Just in case.  You can pick up Roswell the Alien Plaque for $34.95.  He comes in three pieces, so you get to choose the positioning of his hands.

Source: NerdApproved

0 thoughts on “The Roswell Alien Plaque”

  1. Josh Buzzard says:

    It looks kinda like Josh Buzzard, an ugly latino kid, who lives in Yukon, Oklahoma and goes to lakeview middle school. Feel free to come by and rape him.

  2. vickie says:

    I love the Roswell Alein plaque!! Does anyone know where to buy it at?

  3. Josh says:

    I Like it!

  4. Fern Castro says:

    If I saw this coming through my wall I would immediately start banging my head against something until I was unconscious, just to stop seeing it.

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