The No Spill Spit Cup keeps your tobacco habit tidy

by ally - on January 27th, 2009

Being in serious farming territory, I have come across the occasional male that chews tobacco.  Thankfully, I’ve only known one female that did it.  Of all the tobacco habits, that is probably the one that most people cringe over the most, myself included.  Well if you’ve decided to rebel against the nay sayers, you might want this cup to contribute to your tobacco habits.  It’ll make sure that you never confuse your cup of joe with your cup of spit.  It has a spout specifically to help you spit into the cup without any dribbling onto you or your car.  It also has a spot to hold onto your can of chew.  You can purchase the cup for $14.40 on Novelty inc.

Source: Crunchgear

One thought on “The No Spill Spit Cup keeps your tobacco habit tidy”

  1. ron dewitt says:

    we need to buy alot of these spit cups. are they still available? let me know how many you have and the price. thanks ron

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