The i-Lit Pinky Colour Changing Speakers

by ally - on January 8th, 2009

I’m always all for everyone finding technology that really suits them.  However, should I meet the person that feels that these speakers suit them, I might very well run away screaming.  There could be a chance that the addiction to all things fuzzy and flashy is contagious.  Should that happen, I pray someone would put me out of my misery before I turn completely into a pink obsessed zombie.  On a side note, you should really take a moment to visualize what exactly a pink obsessed zombie would look like.  Personally I’m picturing a flesh eating zombie in a pink tutu and a tiara and for extra kicks, it’s a male zombie.

Well if you are into all that is pink and fluffy, you’re in luck, because these speakers are now far cheaper than they were originally.  It used to be these were sold for £39.99, but now they’re up for £6.99.  The color changing speakers will change colors and flash along with the beat of the music.  You might want to hurry up and order yours, because it would truly be a tragedy to miss out on these speakers.

Source: Coolbuzz

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