The Armageddon USB Hub

by ally - on January 23rd, 2009

If you’re not worried about having a small USB hub, then you might find this one interesting.  It’s by no means compact, but it’s humorous enough to make up for it.  It’s disguised as a military detonation device and no one will ever guess with all the USB cables hanging out of it that it’s actually a USB hub.  It has 4 different ports to plug your gadgets into.  The detonation button, when pressed, makes a “sort of honking noise” according to the seller.  It doesn’t even make an explosion sound or anything.  Maybe just jamming your finger down on the button will help you calm down when you’re having a particularly stressful day at work.  You can pick up the Armageddon USB Hub for £38.99 or $57.44 from LazyBone.

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