Neti Pot relieves cold

by edwin - on January 29th, 2009

The Neti Pot sure as heck looks weird, but it is supposed to offer quick relief for cold and allergy sufferers as it goes about gently unclogging the nasal passage by washing away mucus, pollen, bacteria and viruses courtesy of a soothing stream of warm salt water. All you need to do is fork out $8.98 and you’re able to flush out all the impurities, and it is recommended that the Neti Pot be used regularly for the best effect. Those suffering from chronic sinusitis, allergies and respiratory illnesses ought to give this a shot, although we hope that you wipe off whatever snot is left over at the tip once you’re done with it. Definitely not something to be shared, even with family members due to hygienic purposes. Has anyone given this a shot yet?

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  1. Nono71C says:

    Never used this one, but cleaning the nose with 60ml of serum (water+0.9% of salt (NaCl)) each morning and evening keeps cold away or reduce duration of the illness to two or three days instead of a week.

  2. Joe says:

    My doctor advised my wife to get a neti pot because she suffers at least 2 sinus infections per year. We looked at them but opted to get a sinus rinse bottle instead. Same concept but it looks like a big hasal spray bottle with a nozzle you can’t get into your nose. (check out It looked a little easier and less… nasty. I used it just yesterday because my sinuses were itching… cleared it right up. (we each have our own) Best non-pharmaceutical cure for a sinus headache I’ve ever found.

    It feels a little funky at first to feel the warm water filling your sinuses before it starts draining out the other side of your nose (yeah, that’s kinda funky, too). You go through half the bottle then switch sides and you feel better almost immediately. I would recommend it to anybody!

  3. edwin says:

    Thanks Nono71C and Joe for your input, guess it really works and isn’t that foolish after all! Still doesn’t retract it from being foolish looking though, as if one wants to suck in Aladdin’s genie or something via the nose 😛

  4. jo32 says:

    actually, you can make a low-cost and even more foolish looking nose cleaning device? use an old bicycle pump, and pull back the stopper to fill it with warm water. then all you do is fit the (needle-less) end in a nostril and pump away. its like the medical equivalent of a super-soaker. gross. (but it works)

  5. jo32 says:

    * device.

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