Men’s Wii Pajamas

by edwin - on January 1st, 2009

Now is this totally pointless or what? Do you seriously need a pair of Wii pajamas to declare your love for all things motion sensitive? Well, this is definitely one pair of pajamas that you might want to wear around all day long just to let all and sundry know of your great love for Nintendo’s latest best selling console, although we’re pretty sure you’ve got to be single to wear this – otherwise you might find your other half snuggling up to that buffed up beefcake with a PS3.

Source: Gizmodo

0 thoughts on “Men’s Wii Pajamas”

  1. ally says:

    Those sexist jerks don’t carry those in women’s sizes! Er..not that I checked, heh, it was for a friend..of a friend’s second cousin’s brother’s sister’s wife. I’m much too cool to be caught dead in Wii pajamas.

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