Doc Brown’s license plate up for sale

by edwin - on January 16th, 2009

Custom plates on your vehicle are cool, and if you’re really into retro pop culture, then perhaps this replica of Doc Brown’s license plate from the classic Back to the Future series might be of some interest.

Ah, that famous license plate – spinning into our memories forever. And now you can have the first ever, full size replica of this famous plate. California tag, expires in ’86, and OUTATIME in big, bold, stamped letters. Just like in the movie. Now, you have the perfect conversation piece to match the two fire-tread marks in your living room. Just spin the plate, and everyone will finally understand. They will still be scared of you, but they’ll understand. Just crank up the Huey Lewis, spin your plate, and nod as you remember all the times you’ve traveled . . . (wait for it) . . . Back to the Future!

Do check with your local authorities beforehand if you plan to placing this on your car, and bear in mind that unless you’re on the freeway, hitting 88mph is more likely to earn you a ticket instead of a trip to the future even if you drive a DeLorean. ThinkGeek will be $29.99 richer if you decide to bring home one of these.

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