Big Happie Hair’s Bumpits

by ally - on January 19th, 2009

Some women just can’t catch a break when it comes to their hair.  Now that it’s such a trend to have serious volume on the back of their head, your hair had better not be in the least bit fine or thin.  Otherwise, no amount of spray is going to keep it in place.  Well now you can just put a plastic piece on the back of your head, to create that oh so attractive bulge.  Sadly though, it’s not advised to use these on children under 12.  Your daughter would be eternally grateful if you put one of these in her hair while she was young.  Then years from now, she can appreciate all the photographs of her with the beloved big hair.  You can purchase these Bumpits for $19.99.  That includes a 4 piece set that can come in a color that will match your hair.  They have mid-sized and larger Bumpits, just depending on how massive you want your hair to be.

Source: S2999

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