Best Germ Eliminating UV Wand

by edwin - on January 22nd, 2009

Don’t think that just because you’re waving a wand around, that gives you Harry Potter-like magic to remove germs from your life. Well, that’s what Hammacher wants you to believe though with the Best Germ Eliminating UV Wand. Apparently, this device is able to make short work of 99.99% of (discovered) germs and had the highest coverage area of any model tested by the good people at Hammacher. This wand will utilize a similar UV-C light that is found in hospitals to sterilize instruments, and controlled tests have shown it to kill germs, bacteria, mold and viruses within 20 seconds, making it approximately 25% faster than lesser models. We’re not sure whether we buy the whole argument though, and frankly think that this is a waste of good money (unless you’re Bubble Boy) considering the $99.95 price tag.

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