Whack-A-Butt for juveniles

by edwin - on December 5th, 2008

Ah, to be young again and laugh at crude jokes, discovering your dad’s stash of magazines for the first time and basically being involved in ‘Jackass-style’ stunts. Well, if you want to revisit those moments, why not give the Whack-A-Butt a go? Surely everyone knows that whacking moles over their head is (mildly) amusing, but this time round you have butts to whack if you harbor aspirations of being a school disciplinary master in the future. Call me a prude, but would this disturbing toy actually spark off BDSM tendencies in the future? The game does emit a slapping sound with each successful whack, but with a hammer? C’mon – at least an “Ouch!” would’ve been better.

Product Page via Tasty Booze

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