USB Heating Slippers warmer than a hot glass of milk

by edwin - on December 8th, 2008

Want to get all lovey dovey with your other half this Christmas? Why not purchase a couple gift for her? Case in point, this pair of USB Heating Slippers that come in the form of a cow’s head (both male and female, complete with a smile). All you need to do to keep your feet warm this winter (assuming you’re living in the northern hemisphere, of course) is plug in the USB Heating Slippers and slip your twinkle toes inside. Just remember to unplug the USB cable from the slippers if you want to get up from the desk and move to somewhere else, although I suspect that this will be a lesson learned the hard way after you have dropped your notebook to the floor by accidentally walking away without unplugging the first time round. The USB Heating Slippers will retail for $25 a pair. Get a thicker pair of socks if you’re too broke.

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