The Post-A-Note Pen

by ally - on December 4th, 2008

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the highlighters that have the little sticky tabs stored within it.  Well this pen isn’t much different, it instead stores an actual sticky note.  Which would make it so that you could leave quick notes wherever you want.  The bad thing is that you have to use specific cartridges for the pen, and I have yet to see anything like this at the local office supply store.  Plus not only does the pen itself seem overpriced, but the six pack of refills seems a little ridiculous as well.  You can pick up the pen for £19.95 or about $29.  The refill pack of six will cost you £7.95  or about $12 from The Verdict.

Source: BookofJoe

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  1. Tom Walsh says:

    Im interested in the post a note pens , Ive tried calling the phone numbers listed with no avail. Do you know of any stores that sells this product in the United States ?

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