The lo-tech Wooden Block of Matches

by ally - on December 14th, 2008

I’m fairly sure we can all agree that matches are a fairly primitive technology.  Even if you put them on a wooden block in a fairly attractive positioning, they’re still outdated.  Yes, they do have their occasional uses, but not enough to constitute spending $48.  Yes that’s right, spend almost $50 on 100 matches.  Sure, they made it interesting by making it one solid block of wood.  However, they’re still just little sticks of wood that flare up when struck properly.

0 thoughts on “The lo-tech Wooden Block of Matches”

  1. Aurius says:

    Not that I’d enjoy blowing $48 so quickly, but it’d be fun to light one of the matches, then put the flame to one of the still-attached ones and watch the fireworks.

  2. drew mcdonald says:

    An accidental slip could be fifty dollars up in flames.

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