Talking Remotes get the message across

by edwin - on December 12th, 2008

Have you watched Adam Sandler’s antics in Click? I admit that the end was pretty touching, and sometimes do wish that such a remote came into my life. After all, why bother going through the nuances of a marriage course only to find out that theory isn’t so easily applied in real life? With the Talking Remote, you can live in your imaginary world, controlling both thoughts and actions of your spouse at the click of a button. Among the more hilarious phrases of these remotes (it comes in For Men and For Women flavors) include :-

“The Queen speaketh!”
“Time to listen!”
“What about my needs?”
“What were you thinking?”
“Whoa, ever hear of foreplay?”
“Kiss me, you fool!”
“Just tell me you love!”
“Zip it!”
“Clean up on aisle four!”
“All right, hand over the credit cards!”
“Yeah baby, do that again!”
“Feed me!”
“I’m outta here!”

Either remote will retail for $19.95, but you can get both in a set for $34.95.

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