Products you’ll need in case of a zombie outbreak

by ally - on December 28th, 2008

In honor of the Umbrella Umbrella, I decided to give you the lowdown on all products that could help you survive just in case zombies take over the world.  It’s a terrifying thing wondering if you’ll open your door in the morning only to find bodies scattered across the street, with strange creatures gnawing on their flesh.  It could happen at any time, according to such reliable sources as random sci-fi movies, we should have already died by robots by now.  Since that has failed horribly, we obviously are going to end up going out when zombies massacre the entire world.  To make sure you’re going to make it through the mess, you first of all should pick up the Zombie Survival Guide.  It will help you figure out exactly what to do to protect yourself from flesh-eating monsters.

Then of course, you’ll need the Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit.  It comes with 20ft of “ZOMBIE OUTBREAK” barrier tape, 4 hazard signs, 8 hazard stickers, 16 trading cards, 2 toe tags, an instructional poster, a sterile “bite kit”, glow sticker and lapel button.  Then to finish it off they offer a target practice game for your computer that has wallpapers to go with it.  I’m not sure how the trading cards will be helpful.  Perhaps you strategically throw them at the zombies.

Then if you’re worried about carrying around all of this stuff, you’ll need the Zombie Survival Kit Bag which is only $17.99 from Cafe Express.  Of course it would be helpful to have the normal things like a battery-powered radio and flashlights as well as something to lob heads off with.  However, I’m sure any extras you might need will be listed in the Zombie Survival Guide.  Which you can pick up for $11.16 on Amazon.  The kit can be picked up for $15.16.  If nothing else all of this can at least get you started on making sure you will survive a zombie outbreak.

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