Pooping Santa dispenses candy

by edwin - on December 11th, 2008

It must be pretty nauseous going around the whole world in just one night, coming down dirty chimneys and breathing in all that soot without falling sick there and then. Guess the Pooping Santa reflects reality more than what our Christmas cards do, cause when he needs to go, there’s no stopping him. Since Santa is so lovable and candy is never refused, the Pooping Santa Candy Dispenser is one crazy gadget to bring home this Christmas for just $4.95. Using him is a snap – all you need to do is remove his head, insert the right amount of candy, screw the head back on, shake Santa gently to let the candy inside settle down. Whenever your sweet tooth strikes, just hold down Santa around his body and push downwards, and some tasty treats will appear from his rear end. Minus the fart, of course.

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