Laser Toothbrush zaps germs

by edwin - on December 16th, 2008

Most of us think that you can’t have it any better than an electronic toothbrush – after all, you no longer need to move your hand as vigorously as before to get rid of those bits and pieces of food between your teeth, right? Wrong – not if the Laser Toothbrush has its way. This toothbrush supposedly comes with an energy concentration that is so low, it won’t put any tissue surface in harm’s way. You can also take advantage of a programmed tooth management system that turns on the laser for a recommended treatment period of 55 seconds at the touch of a switch. You can also save on toothpaste since all you need to do is radiate laser light on your teeth directly – what happens to bits and pieces of food stuck between your teeth? Guess that’s where the bristles come in, eh? The $69.95 Laser Toothbrush supposedly helps decrease sensitivity, toothache pain, inflammation and even helps eliminate bad breath as well. You know what they say – if it sounds too good to be true…

Source: Book of Joe

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