Holiday treats that’ll make you cringe

by ally - on December 25th, 2008

Unless you have the ability to eat anything, likely you won’t be able to stomach these things.  The first is an Oven Baked Tarantula that looks alive enough to crawl up your arm just before it has a light snack on you.  The tarantulas are a unique delicacy in Cambodia.  They are oven baked, not fried and you should remove the fangs before eating.  Just the phrase I want to hear before I chow down, please remove fangs first.  Yum.  You can check out more treats after the jump.

The second strange stocking stuffer are these Insect Lollipops.  Which comes in three different types, the Antlix Ant lollipop, the Tequilalix Worm Lollipop and lastly the Vodkalix Scorpian Lollipop.  All the bugs are completely edible, because they were bred for human consumption.  Each lollipop is £3.79 or you can get a three pack of all three types for £9.49 from LazyBoneUK.  The Tarantula will cost you £14.99 and that is also from LazyBone.  None of these can be purchased outside the UK though, so sadly those in the UK are the only ones that can enjoy these treats.  Such a tragedy.

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