Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap

by edwin - on December 3rd, 2008

Now this is one bottle opener that you can literally wear proudly, especially if you’re a huge fan of the frothy Guinness. I myself like a half-inch head to go along with my pint, but during those moments in life when a pub is nowhere within the vicinity, I will have to make do with a mere bottle. Still, instead of ruining my pearly whites by biting open the cap, I might as well look stunning in this cap that features a metal hook on its brim that will make short work of any capped bottle. Would you be willing to fork out $25 for a cap like this? I would like to see other designs of various lagers and beers as well, including Heineken and Kilkennys.

Source: DVICE

0 thoughts on “Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap”

  1. john gomes says:

    my hat like this was stolen and now have been looking for this hat for a longtime had the dark blue one however doese anyone know where i can find this hat

    thanks john

  2. Rabidbuni says:

    Hey John,
    You can get this design as well as several other “opener ” caps, on, under clothing, search beer, cap, guinness.


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