Designer wear for the operating theater

by edwin - on December 24th, 2008

Seriously speaking, you’d want your surgeon to be as serious as possible in his/her work, don’t you? After all, he/she ain’t carving up a slice of turkey but is making incisions into a person’s innermost being. That said, it makes me wonder why on earth would surgeons be concerned about wearing designer clothing in the operating theater? Blood isn’t easy to wash off a garment, you know. That has not stopped and from rolling out its very own fashion season with comfortable healthcare designs made with top quality fabrics in over 151 crazy colorful prints. Surgeons will have a field day choosing from over 25 Patient Hospital Gown prints, 151 Surgical Scrub Cap prints, 35 Bouffant Hat prints and 165 Stethoscope Covers. I must say, I’m speechless. Truly.

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