Black 2 in 1 Metal Clip Desk Ashtray

by ally - on December 16th, 2008

At times smoking accessories seem to be as bad as the goofball USB accessories that are around.  Well this ashtray is no exception.  It clips onto your desk, just case you don’t have any room to place an ashtray on the surface.  I love that the photo has it clipped just above the keyboard.  Keyboards get nasty enough without the occasional ashes falling into them.  There is also the risk you’ll go to reach for something on your desk, just after typing, and end up knocking the whole thing to the floor.  After all, it’s just a cheap clip that holds it there, it’s doubtful that it’ll be all that strong.  If you’re going to have an ashtray on your desk, why not just clear a small corner to fit one directly on the desk?  You can pick this up on Sourcing Map for $7.99.

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