20 Year Warranty Calendar

by edwin - on December 9th, 2008

How many things you purchase these days come with a 20 year warranty anyways? Still, at least this nifty calendar is able to help you keep track of just how many more years remain on your home mortgage – a depressing thought knowing that it takes around half the repayment period simply to settle your interest, while the remaining half is to cover the loan amount. I suppose you can also use this calendar by breaking it down into various time spans, like 3 years for the car, 5 years for the blender, a couple of years for the cell phone (so that you can grab a new model then for cheap) and 10 years for the LCD HDTV. Good luck finding some space to place this calendar as it sticks a good 60cm out from the wall when mounted!

Source: Likecool

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  1. Scott says:

    where can i buy this?

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