The Beer Belly beer dispenser

by ally - on November 23rd, 2008

If you need something to liven up all those boring family functions, like Grandma’s funeral, you might need a stealthier way to sneak in your booze.  After all, Grandma won’t mind, so there’s no harm done in trying to liven an event up a bit.  Well with this you can play it off like you actually have a slight beer gut, but little does anyone know that your beer gut is literally filled with beer.  Not only that but it’s hooked up to a tube that has a bite nozzle on it to keep the alcohol coming.  All you have to do is pay $39.99 and you’ll never have to go sober again.

Source: Neatorama

2 thoughts on “The Beer Belly beer dispenser”

  1. Jodi says:

    If you’ve ever paid $10 for a can of beer at a concert/sporting event/etc. you know how great the beer belly is. Comes in a wine rack form for the ladies too!

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