The Arm Carpal Massager

by ally - on November 9th, 2008

I swear I’ve seen this “massager” on some kind of top ten list for the most painful medieval torture devices.  It in no way looks like it’d be something you’d glance at and think, “Ooh I bet that’ll make my wrists feel better.”  If a friend saw this in your house they’d likely start looking for a secret door to your torture chamber in the basement.  That’d turn out to be really embarrassing if you actually have a hidden chamber with strange devices.  To work this particular torture device, you crank the big red knob to increase or decrease the pressure.  Then slide your arm back and forth through it to alleviate any wrist pain.  You can pick up the Arm Carpal Massager for $49.98 from Taylor Gifts.

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5 thoughts on “The Arm Carpal Massager”

  1. jbrandt says:

    Actually, I’ve had my wrists massaged by people who did more or less what that device does, and it feels really nice. I bet that device would be pretty decent, although I’d still prefer to have my arms worked over by lovely young ladies with tender fingers than a plastic roller.

  2. Neagle says:

    Hoping never to have the extreme case of Carpal Tunnel I can actually see this as a useful device. Anything that relieves pain without drugs, more power to it.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi. I’m the inventor of the Roleo. Thanks for including me on your site. Actually, the Roleo feels great. This picture was taken by Taylor Gifts for their catalog, and I agree it’s not very inviting. I am a licensed massage therapist and invented it to replicate a basic, strong, Swedish style arm massage. Most people, including kids. You should try it. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Buy the Roleo from us direct at, or at Thanks!

  4. Kenzo Hara says:

    I own Roleo and it is nice massage for my arms. I cook alot so very relief for me.

  5. ahdflekjl;aj says:

    what the hell its not a torture device

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