Slim-Legs Slippers

by edwin - on November 21st, 2008

I have absolutely no doubt that many people love ladies with endless legs, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. After all, which lady doesn’t want a beautiful pair of legs to strut around town, and which guy won’t be proud that his lady has both inner and outer beauty? Well, achieving that kind of legs take plenty of hard work, exercise, discipline in dieting and of course, a good genetic make-up would help as well. Brando thinks there is a cheaper way to do so with its $20 Slim-Legs Slippers. Seriously now, will this pair even work? Apparently, it is supposed to shape your legs, tone your hips and firm your ankles without the need for exercise, medicine or slimming cream. Well, I can believe the part where the fine fibre material will reduce dead skin around the ankles, but to slim your legs?

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  1. conedude13 says:

    Very “foolish”! 😛

    i actually rarely walk in my slippers and usually just use them to keep my feet warm.

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