Shrilling Chicken

by edwin - on November 12th, 2008

Annoy everyone around you with this Shrilling Chicken from Brando. This is one of the most foolish gadgets I’ve ever come across, and boy have I seen some weird ones during my day. It looks and feels like an ordinary rubber chicken, deflated body, flexible long neck and all, but when you start to let that little impish side of you come out to torture it, the Shrilling Chicken will start to wail loudly via its permanently opened mouth. Available in three sizes, you can pick up the large, medium and small versions for $14, $10 and $7, respectively. Perfect to release those pent-up stress accumulated throughout the work day at the office as you imagine yourself giving your immediate superior a piece of your mind.

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  1. Ma says:

    This one is COOL. Is really really cool! lol

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