Shandle for a more hygienic toilet experience

by edwin - on November 28th, 2008

Hate visiting public toilets? Well, if you’re one who carries a tote bag with you wherever you go, perhaps you might find it prudent to slip the Shandle in.

The Shandle is a toilet seat handle that easily attaches to the seat of your toilet. It is an innovative bathroom accessory with a patented design and built-in antimicrobial protection that makes lifting the toilet seat easier and cleaner than ever. Available in over 60 styles, there is a Shandle for everyone. Designs range from grungy bathroom jokes to funny political humor to silly pop culture references. There is even a Natural version for those who are not looking to “Pimp” their toilet. Whether you want to Protect Thy Throne, request a “Courtesy Flush Please” or “Make it Rain” there is a Shandle for you.

Adults not only get to indulge in this piece of fun “device”, kids also have their own line known as Just for Kids that include a bunch of cute and colorful animal designs to get them started on paranoia early in life. Each Shandle will retail for $8.99.

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