Savant unveils Rosie Contemporary remote

by edwin - on November 3rd, 2008

While most of us are used to rectangular remote controls as they’ve served us well throughout our TVs’ lifetimes, along comes Savant who throws a spanner into the works with the new Rosie Contemporary remote. It ditches the traditional remote form factor for an all new dish-shaped design, fitting into the palm of your hand comfortable. I suppose the more rotund shape makes it easier to throw at that irritating cat if your mood isn’t too good, but then again I’d think twice in doing so since it retails for $400 a pop. Of course, you can be foolish enough to feed your ego by getting a version that boasts an on-screen display, but that model will burn a huge $3,800 hole in your pocket – then again, a fool and his money are soon parted anyways.

Source: Luxury Launches

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