Razor extension handle helps access those hard-to-reach places

by edwin - on November 15th, 2008

How times have changed – men with plenty of body hair in the past were seen to be macho and sex symbols, but most women these days prefer their males to be clean shaven. We men are generally sloppy creatures, so giving in to the demands of our other halves by shaving every bit of our body (except the head, of course) could result in us performing acrobatic stunts, and along the way, discovering new nooks and crannies of our body which we never realized we had. The Razor Extension Handle aims to make this task easier, since you will be able to reach more spots without having to be trained as a contortionist or gymnast. Women can also use this to access every spot on their long legs, although a more practical use would be for pregnant women and those with limited mobility.

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