R2-D2 Cookie Jar feeds the hungry

by edwin - on November 1st, 2008

I know that good old R2-D2 is one handy astromech droid, but never knew it to be that versatile that it is able to help one fend off hunger by storing cookies within! Enter the R2-D2 inspired cookie jar, where you have to lop off his dome head in order to reveal his cavernous belly that has more than enough space to store a whole bunch of cookies to help you munch your way through the night. Strangely enough, this R2-D2 cookie jar comes with a warning that reads, “The Star Wars Collectible Cookie Jars are intended for decorative and collectible purposes only. They are not intended to hold cookies or any kind of food item”. Seriously though, that is the equivalent of purchasing a car and being advised against driving it. If you were to purchase this $40 item, would you use it to store cookies? I know I would…

Product Page via OhGizmo!

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