Naughty Bedtime Talking Teddy

by edwin - on November 6th, 2008

Most of us grew up with a teddy bear regardless of our gender, but as boys turn into men, they tend to ditch this comfort toy and rough it out while the ladies continue to maintain their posse of soft toys along with their beloved teddies. Of course, getting married would mean growing up even more, so the teddy shouldn’t get in the way between the couple, right? I suppose so – unless you’re talking about the Naughty Bedtime Talking Teddy, of course. What looks innocent from the outside will probably turn your cheeks red once he starts to talk. Pressing his belly, he will utter one of these four phrases, including “Mm, I like it when you touch me there”. The Naughty Bedtime Talking Teddy is going for $24.98 and is strictly meant for adults only for obvious reasons.

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