Knitted Lightsaber Pattern for the knitting addicted

by ally - on November 21st, 2008

Alright people this has gone way too far. Not everything needs to be knitted into something to cuddle with. A lightsaber is an instrument of death, not something you knit so that you can lay in bed with your arms curled around it all night. We have to stop the madness, find whatever madman who keeps creating these items and beat them relentlessly with their stupid fluff toys till they promise to cease and desist immediately. If that doesn’t work then we’ll have to move on to the non-plush materials. Thankfully, there will be slightly less of this madness since the seller on Etsy is out of stock with the patterns for the lightsaber or rather knitsaber as they call it.

Source: Geekologie

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  1. cj says:

    I have to disagree! I, as a mother of 4, think that some toys are great when they are soft because the accidents (ie whacks on the head) that happen are not hurtful. Children can play and not injure each other while having fun with their toys that are not contaminated and made by Mom, not China.
    If you had multiple children playing as though they were Jedis then you might sympathize. The imagination is what makes these awesome, not just the soft materials used. Why on earth (or in the universe) would you want a kid to feel bad about a simple toy? Or the person making it?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I completely agree with cj! I am a mother of 3 boys and another baby on the way….our boys would make guns out of legos and other blocks and then when they would get too rough they would bash each other over the head, face arms and end up with gashes and bruises. Crochet and knit guns, swords, etc give them their outlet to play rough without the accidently injuries! And my boys LOVE it when I make a toy for them ….they think it’s some sort of magic! 🙂 So kudos to this person for their inventive and imaginative knitting!

  3. Yvonne says:

    I totally disagree with the person complaining about the knitted lightsaber and other weapons. And I TOTALLY argree with CJ and Jennifer. I am the mother of 5 children. I had three boys, then 2 girls. My sister-in-law always said she wouldn’t let her boys play with toy guns. I told her she didn’t need to buy them toy guns, they would use their fingers or a stick as a gun! A soft gun, lightsaber, whatever, is better, no pain, no blood, no bumps or bruises.
    My kids are grown now, the oldest is almost 37, the youngest is 23 and they all are happy, well-adjusted, contributing member of society. And we all still love Star Wars. In fact most of the birthday and Christmas gifts for my oldest son are Star Wars based, and I am making afghans for my three sons with the Star Wars theme.
    Hooray for knitted weapons!!!!!!!!

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