Keyboard for blondes

by edwin - on November 8th, 2008

Life as a blonde sure ain’t peachy, especially if you’re not at the top echelon of Hollywood where your sheer amount of money stashed away is enough to make people toe the line unless they want to risk getting sued by a top-notch legal eagle. Of course, for lesser blondes out there who are more down to earth with a decent sense of humor, here is the Keyboard for Blondes. It comes in a garish pink color that will surely attract the attention of anyone who looks at it, in addition to a whole bunch of keys on the keyboard that are a total hoot to read about. For example, the spacebar has been dubbed “MySpace”, while Enter means “Yes, I want it”. Delete equals to “Oops”, and T is “TC4S”, an abbreviation for “too cool for school”. S deals with a blonde fixation – “SOS”, or Shoes On Sale. Even the digits look more like dice, which makes this a totally pimpin’ keyboard!

Product Page via Slippery Brick

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