Kettle that plays tunes

by edwin - on November 5th, 2008

A kettle is a kettle is a kettle, right? Guess not, assuming you’re willing to fork out a whopping $265 for one of the most common kitchen appliances known to mankind – the humble kettle. Alessi has priced this small appliance at such an insane level simply because it whistles with much more panache compared to a regular, untrained and uncouth kettle – with brass and a magnetic steel heat diffusing bottom, this kettle will play a melodic tune as though there is a harmonica right smack in the middle of the kitchen as the mercury hits 100 degrees Celsius, signifying boiling water. If you prefer something other than a harmonica, there is always the option to pick up the Train Whistle version for the same price.

Product Page via Appliancist

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