Inka the alien press filter coffee maker

by ally - on November 5th, 2008

In a standard kitchen, the gadgets are functional and most definitely boring.  However, geeks committed to their geek fashion tend to go for the slightly more eccentric kitchen gadgets.  Well this little press filter coffee maker would most definitely blend in well with any geeky kitchens.  Featuring an alien wrapped around it, it’d be fun to leave out even when you’re not using it.  Unfortunately, the bad thing about this product is the price.  It will cost you £42.00 or about $68.

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  1. jaxxie says:

    The reason this is so expensive is that it’s made by Alessi, and is regarded as “designer.” All of the items in this series for them is made by a different, famous designer. Not one of their own engineers. There are bottle openers that look like little cartoon men, cheese graters that look like women, and a fun little character that’s a floss dispenser. If you think this piece is fun, you should check out the rest!

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